First Steps [1/7] Foreword

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    • First Steps [1/7] Foreword

      First Steps [1/7]

      Welcome to the introduction for developing WCF packages with the Project Manager!

      In the following chapters it will be pointed out, how to set up a development environment for the WCF and the Project Manager. Furthermore the workflow with the Project Manager will be shown step by step on the basis of a Hello World package: From the first line of code to the completed installation file.

      Before the introduction starts I want to remind you which capabilities you should bring along in order that developing packages for the WCF is fun and works comfortably regardless of the usage of the Project Manager:

      • A profound understanding of object-oriented programming (OOP)
      • Experience with PHP or at least with another object-oriented language
      • Familiarity with the utilization of relational databases
      • Basic knowledge of HTML, Javascript (jQuery) and CSS
      • It is an advantage if you have used as member or even ran as administrator an application for the WCF, e.g. the Burning Board

      That all goes for you? Then consider the following hints please:

      • The Project Manager is not suited for an usage in online/public WCF installations
      • It is only permitted to install the Project Manager on a local webserver without public access
      • The Project Manager modifies files and databases automatically. Despite thorough planning and development of the Project Manager it might have error-prone behavior. Therefore backups on a regular basis are mandatory. If you do not have an automated complete backup system up and running, one of the following guides describes how to backup your progress manually.
      • The Project Manager can be tested for free. You can build up a development environment with the Project Manager and implement packages completely and test them live. For the export of packages the Exporter is necessary, which can be obtained for a fee here. A separate license is required for the export of commercial packages with the Exporter

      If there are any uncertainties, I am available to clear things up. I am available anytime at or in the WoltLab Community (Username ramius). No more questions? Then you can go on with the next chapter: Tools and Installation