First Steps [6/7] Versioning

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    • First Steps [6/7] Versioning

      First Steps [6/7]

      After the Hello World project is exported and downloaded, it can be installed in other WCF installations. Installation in the own community as well as distribution via the WoltLab Plugin-Store is possible. Important is one more thing: As soon as a version of a project is complete, the version has do be marked as released. The Project Manager can warn or prevent the developer to do changes to an already released version. To mark a version as released, open in the ACP System > Packages > List Projects and press the Show Versions button on the left of the project. In the upcoming list you find a button which marks the version as released.

      Afterwards you can click the Add Version on the same page to open up a form for adding new versions. Enter the next version's number. In case of the Hello World project version 2.0.0 will be added.

      Click the Show Versions button to open the version list again. The new version 2 is now listed, too. But the project is currently still in version 1. Switch to version 2 by pressing the Switch to version 2.0.0 button. The project manager will archive version 1 and install version 2 instead. Because version 2 was created just now it has no differences to version 1. But any changes made to version 2 will have no affect on the archived version 1.