First Steps [7/7] Outlook

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    • First Steps [7/7] Outlook

      First Steps [7/7]

      The general workflow and a first glance on the usage of the WCF abstractions with help of the Project Manager is done. But this was just the beginning for newcomers to the WCF plugin development. Many abstractions are still unknown. Following guides will cover them. At this point in time not all of the guides are written. Have a look at the overview of all guides.

      All improvements and updates around the Project Manager can be found in the News board. Any errors related to the Project Manager can be reported in the Errors board. Wishes for new functionalities can be shared in the Feature-Requests board. General questions about plugin development and handling of the Project Manager can be asked in the Question & Answer board.

      I hope that you will have as much joy developing WCF plugins with the Project Manager as I have developing the Project Manager :)