Project Manager [Version 0.1.1 Beta 1] and Exporter [Version 1.0.2]

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    • Project Manager [Version 0.1.1 Beta 1] and Exporter [Version 1.0.2]


      new versions of the Project Manager and Exporters are available. Some minor errors were fixed and missing language variables added.

      In addition a critical error occurring during the interaction of the Project Manager and Exporter is fixed. Switching between project versions could lead to a fatal error. Also a error in the exporter is fixed, which lead to a corrupted export of the project manager itself. Therefore, a new installation of the complete local WCF installation as well as project manager and exporter is necessary:

      No update is possible.

      From this version on, a manual import of already existing projects is possible. A German tutorial can be found here. If you would like to have an English tutorial as soon as possible, let me know. Otherwise I will postpone the English version until I have some more spare time. If you have any questions or problems I am always around to help :)