"Switch to desktop view" missing on mobile client

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    • "Switch to desktop view" missing on mobile client

      One of my users noticed an interesting situation using Chrome on their Android tablet. I was able to reproduce it in Chrome on my iPhone as well.

      For some reason, although I'm getting the mobile site, there is no "Switch to desktop view".

      This plugin is working properly in Safari on my iOS device, however. It seems to be somehow specific to Chrome.

      Any suggestions for how to diagnose this problem?


    • I just tried a couple of things:

      1. I erased my cache and cookies and tried again. Still, no "Switch to desktop view" link.
      2. I completely uninstalled Chrome and reinstalled it from the App Store. Now, it's there!
      I'm going to recommend #2 to those having trouble on my site. Perhaps getting a clean start made things better.